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In-Person YEA! Chicago Class of 2022-2023 Application

This application is for Chicago applicants. Please do not submit this application if you will not be able to attend in-person class meetings in Downtown Chicago from October 2022 through April 2023. We are no longer accepting international applications for our virtual class.

Student Information

Parent Information

Questions for Applicants

If you are interested in joining the In-Person YEA! Chicago Class, please answer each of these questions in English as the first step in the application process.

We are excited to see your enthusiasm for our entrepreneurial program for girls. Please provide your complete information in this form in English.

Please note: this is the first step in the application process. Upon review and discussion, we will direct qualified candidates to the interview stage within 2 weeks.

These questions are catered to students. If you are a parent filling out the form on your child's behalf, please be sure to provide their response to the questions and not your own. 

Class will begin in Fall 2022 and run through spring 2023. This class will have a hybrid structure with meetings happening both in-person and via Zoom. When we meet face to face, classes will take place in-person near downtown Chicago close to public transportation.

If accepted into the program, there is a $695 program fee. We can work with you to devise a payment plan and financial assistance is available for selected students with proven financial need.